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Moulin Roty

Dans la jungle Wooden Pull-along Baby Senses Development Activities Train

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This little train with its different activities is so much fun! A lovely wooden toy to pull along as little ones take their first steps!

Dans la jungle Wooden Pull-along Baby Senses Development Activities Train, including 3 cars: toucan carriage+koala and panther stack-ups car + rolling beads cage. 38.5x18x12.5cm

Moulin Roty is an iconic French brand who produce toys known for their interesting design, rich colours and the highly tactile materials. We love them and your little ones will love them too!

Moulin Roty is the story of a French brand, founded by a group of friends with strong values and overflowing enthusiasm. It was in 1972 that they settled in a hamlet near Nantes, called "Moulin Roty". There they founded a project combining work and community life, and created beautiful products for children.

Moulin Roty represents 40 years of dreams and softness.

Moulin Roty toys are designed in France using the finest french fabrics and materials. Each new collection is an addition to the Moulin Roty family: from the funny "Jolis Pas Beaux" (literally the "Pretty Uglies") to the timeless "La Grande Famille", a multitude of characters and stories have punctuated the years.

Every day, Moulin Roty strives to create a soft world for kids to explore, dream and play with the best quality toys!