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Trixie Backpack

Regular price
RM 191.20
Sale price
RM 191.20
Regular price
RM 239.00

This fun animal backpack is the perfect companion for every little one. It has all the important features bundled up in a little backpack! The backpack has one main compartment and a separate little pocket on the front side. Both have a big zipper puller that is perfect for little fingers. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps feature a chest strap. This strap prevents the shoulder straps from falling off the shoulders. On the inside, there is a name tag and a separate flat pocket. On top of that, the backpack has a water-repellent coating. This backpack easily fits your little one’s accessories for daycare or your favorite toys and animal friend for a little trip! Choose your favorite friend and experience the most amazing adventures together!

Made from: Water repellent acryllic coating - Fabric: 60% recycled cotton, 35% cotton, 5% viscose - Lining: 85% recycled PES, 15% cotton

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 23cm x 31cm x 12 cm